Greg Stark Consultancy
Diversified background includes metallurgical engineering, welding engineering,
and quality engineering in steel manufacturing, fabrication, construction, heat
treating, aerospace flight hardware, and oil and gas production and transmission
(sour and sweet), and refining. Very familiar with all major welding and brazing
processes including “hands-on” experience with SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW,
& RSW. Experience includes test bed design, metallurgical processing for many
alloy systems, welding metallurgy, welding technology, metallurgical failure
analysis, specifications, SPC, DOE, sampling, and extensive failure analysis using
SEM, mechanical testing, and metallographic techniques. Fabrication of ground
based structures, pressure vessels and systems, maintenance and repair, and
welding research experience also includes aerospace welding of flight hardware
and ground support equipment. Alloy expertise includes familiarity with
processing of most steels and stainless steels, aluminum, and titanium. Limited
experience with copper, nickel, and magnesium alloys. Reviewed, and developed,
many welding procedures in accordance with internationally recognized
specifications.  Extensive work included API, ASME, AWS, ASTM, AMS,
military and federal welding codes and specifications, BSI, CEN, JIS, DIN, ISO,
welding procedures for pressure vessel, structural, and aerospace applications.
Developed first internationally recognized qualification system for Electric
Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe which supports ASME and API.  Familiar with
NDT and inspection techniques (MT, PT, RT & UT) used on castings, forgings,
wrought shapes, weldments, and brazements, and vibration analysis on rotating
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